Dr. Mohan Yadav took this decision in a joint session with the consent of all the MLAs and ministers


Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav or the big decision to ban the BRTS road with the consent of all the MLAs and ministers. for a long time, there was a demand to improve the traffic situation in Bhopal on BRTS road. In the BRTS meeting in Bhopal, There was a debate on the plan of removing different parts of the length of BRTS in a planned manner or improving the roads according to the movement of Sadhaks or also in the same meeting.

Dr Mohan Yadav

Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav in the session held under the leadership of Mohan Yadav, we discussed various aspects of various problems arising out of BRTS. last year during the construction of the Habibganj bridge, former prime minister Bhupendra Singh had declared this concept wrong or minister Vishbaas Sarang was making a mistake of throwing it away.

BRTS had a dedicated lane for public transport buses. while implementing the BRTS system the then CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan claimed that this would eliminate the problems of traffic jams in Bhopal. The official release said that this decision here elected representatives headed by Chief Minister Mohan Yadav. BRTS had a dedicated lane in Bhopal for 15 years.

The decision to remove BRTS will reduce traffic pressure on busy routes in the presentation on the current BRTS system, facts related to dedicated corridors in different parts of BRTS, and the movement of vehicles in other parts of the route were also presented. information was also given by the chief minister about the arrangements made at various places in the city in the form of BRTS.

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