Development Of Technology In India

 Development Of Technology In India

The Government Of India has supported science and technology in India since many years through various policies.Science and technology has been on strong focus by Modern India.Science and technology is the key element for the growth of an economy.

Firstly,India stands at 48th rank among top 50 countries in Global Innovation Index 2020.Also,India is also earning by providing space satellites to other countries and is likely to get leading role in launching satellites for SAARC(South Asian Association Of Regional Cooperation) nations.

Robotics Technology In India

Secondly,Robot refers to a mechanical device which works for humans with maximum efficiency. India is an upcoming potential market for industrial robotics with a worldwide 15% market share.

Top 10 Robotic Startup Companies In India :

  1. ASIMOV Robotics
  2. Sastra Robotics
  3. Systemantics
  4. Gridbots
  5. DiFacto
  6. Mukunda Foods
  7. Greyorange
  8. Omnipresent Robot Tech
  9. Invento Robotics
  10. Gade Autonomous Systems

IT (Information Technology) In India

Also,Indian Government has been active in rolling out its incentive for IT sector.Indian IT sector is heavily influenced by rapid dynamic situation in Europe and US which are two of its biggest markets and contribute together 85% revenue to India.

Top IT Companies In India

  1. TATA Consultancy Service
  2. Infosys
  3. HCL Technologies
  4. Wipro Limited
  5. Redington India Limited
  6. Tech Mahindra Limited
  7. Mphasis Limited
  8. Mindtree Limited
  9. Larsen And Tuobro Infotech Limited
  10. Hexaware Technologies Limited

Key Elements Of IT

Also,IT has five components :

  1. Computer Hardware – Physical component that works with information
  2. Computer Software – Hardware needs to know what it needs to do and that is the role of software
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Databases and data warehouses
  5. Human Procedures and resources

IT Capital Of India – Bangalore

Also,Bangalore is known as The Silicon Valley Of India due to its role as the nation’s leading exporter. Bangalore is known as the electronic capital of India.Also,Indian technological organisations such as Wipro,Infosys,ISRO and HAL are headquartered in this Silicon Valley city.

Also,there are many countries competing with India in the field of technology.However,the race goes on.However,coutnries also keep competing with each other in other fields also.

Lastly,I would say technology is a very important factor for economic growth.

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