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Delhi: Death in traffic.

The traffic is increasing rapidly in Delhi and some accidents are happening here in the coming days and due to the traffic here today a woman died in a car accident, it is being told that she was crossing the road and the traffic stopped Due to going, the woman was crossing the road and due to the sudden increase in traffic and speeding motor vehicle, a woman became a victim of an accident. Here when the signal was red let’s know what happened next.

Death due to car accident: Delhi

It is told that here the woman lives at the metro station in Delhi, she has no one here,

she has 3 children who are small and here she works to feed her children and here her children used to live with her,

now she is here. The woman was away from her family, no one lives with her except the children, today at 2:30 pm,

she was going to get food from the hotel for her children, then the woman saw that the signal is still stopped on the red mark, so the woman wanted to cross the road. Then suddenly the signal turned green and the motor car started coming very fast,

only then the woman collided with a white car and she got a deep injury on the essence of the woman,

only then the woman was admitted to the government hospital. It is said that her condition is very serious, it is difficult to save here,

only then the woman died in 3:15 minutes.

Bachcho’s future will change: Delhi government.

That woman has 3 children, in which 2 sons and 1 daughter,

the name of the first son is Monu 7 years old and the name of the second Sonu 5 years old and his sister Geeta 4 years old are being told but their age is still small and here now all their The Delhi government has taken care of the expenses and education and here now the children will be given a house when they become intelligent, and the children will be given a job as soon as their studies are completed and the government will also spend Geeta’s marriage. Knowing that he lost his mother here,

he cried and felt very sad.

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