Delhi: Gangster Tillu killed in Tihar Jail


Delhi: Gangster Tillu killed in Tihar Jail.

Sunil Mann aka Tillu was murdered in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. ( Delhi: Gangster Tillu killed in Tihar Jail ) It is said that Tillu was arrested against big hooliganism and theft and then released from jail, after that he again became a big criminal. He used to take contract to kill people, that is why here Sunil Mann alias Tillu formed a gang and started looting, dacoity and murder and became a big gangster, during this Delhi Police took action and Sunil alias Tillu was arrested.

Who killed Sunil alias Tillu

Tillu was murdered by a youth lodged in the jail. It is said that Tillu was lodged in jail gate number 9 and prisoners, a youth lodged in gate number 8 next to him, attacked Tillu and during that time Tillu’s physical condition became critical. And was admitted to Deendayal Hospital in Delhi,

but according to the report of the hospital, the news of Tillu’s death comes, let us know who killed Tillu.

Delhi: Gangster Tillu killed in Tihar Jail

Who is Tillu aka Sunil

  • Sunil alias Tillu lived in Tajpur near Tajpuria Alipur, Delhi.
  • In 2016, he was caught doing many robberies and thefts here and after that he was also sent to jail in a murder case.
  • In 2021, Rohini was involved in the firing case against Jeetendra in the court.
  • Gogi was shot 30 times. On September 24, hearing here, towards Tihar Jail, the gun was fired by changing his dress in the lawyer’s clothes.
  • Tillu was accompanied by two gunmen and that Tillu escaped by firing and the companions also ran away but Delhi Police killed Tillu’s companion ,
  • And Tillu ran away and Tillu was caught red-handed by the Delhi Police and jailed,
  • meanwhile Tillu’s old enmity took the result of Tillu’s murder and now Tillu is no more.

Right now Delhi Police is investigating in Tihar Jail,

it is said that Tillu Sunil Mann alias had enmity with Lawrence Vishnoi and here it is told that Lawrence Vishnoi was given supari.
Kintu what is happening here in Tihar Jail,

is it a jail or a common hall Jha, someone’s betel nut is given easily.

You all keep watching.

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