Death threats to Salman Khan : Lorence vishnoi 30 April.

 Death threats to Salman Khan : Lorence vishnoi 30 April.

Death threats to Salman Khan : Lorence vishnoi 30 April.

It is being told that Salman is getting death threats, here Salman is surprised that what is going on, Salman’s movie ” Death threats to Salman Khan : Lorence vishnoi 30 April ” (Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ka Jaan) is going to release here, before that Salman Ho Milo Jaan Se Marne It is being told that the gang of Lawrence Vishnoi has conspired here to kill Salman and not here, but keep warning Sawant to stay away from Salman, otherwise Rakhi may also end.
The Bhopal News – Salman was threatened by Lawrence Vishnoi’s gang, saying that on April 30 th

ere will be a time of your death. Salman is shocked and upset. Why are people doing this to me? It is being told here that there is a threat coming from gangster Rajasthan, Jodhpur of Lawrence Vishnoi. Some big gangster tweeted saying that Salman will end on April 30.

Salman’s security guard |

Bollywood stars are upset now, on the one hand, the tension of their movie release and on the other after hearing the news of his death, it is told that Rakhi Sawant was asked to stay away from Salman’s mater. When Salman was threatened for the first time, Rakhi’s The video had come to the fore that no finger can be seen on my brother by lifting his eyes, because of the video being viral here, Lawrence Vishnoi did not like the thing and tweeted for Rakhi saying that now you stay away from Salman, otherwise your game is over.

Received the first email on 18th April at 7:22 am and the second email came at 1:19. Rakhi is also surprised here.On April 10,

the Mumbai Police received a call for Salman’s death at night,

so the police increased the security in view of Salman’s security. An unknown person said in the call that Salman will be killed on April 30.

Here the Mumbai Police found out who had made the call here, a minor gangster from Jodhpur, Rocky Bhai Chhota, had made it, however, here the matter could be very big and Rocky was arrested by the Mumbai Police, here is a minor child.

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