Corona in delhi 2023

Corona in Delhi virus is spreading here again at a fast pace in Delhi and here the corona virus of thousands and lakhs of lives is coming in the matter of death and life, here day by day people are getting sick and in the grip of corona in 24 hours. 1634 cases were found, in which the number of 434 is fast, the temperature of the virus takes the person to sick and death and here the doctor and. his team are working very hard towards the treatment and trying to help and save the people.

| Day by day the number of patients is increasing,

here Corona has risen again,

here India has been targeted, and here there is a very fast spreading virus, which takes the life of a human being. Make sure to get per treatment and your check up done in local clinic,

it is safe for our family and children.


Delhi has 35% death due to corona virus on 17th April, it is being told here that there is severe suffering and low number of deaths and .

since 30th March there were 932 Delhi in which 45 died and now it is increasing rapidly. Corona’s havoc is increasing and if seen,

4976 cases were found in 3 weeks, who were admitted to government hospitals, some patients are slowly recovering, while some died, the number of such cases has been increased by about 430. It is said that 13,200 cases of Kovid-19 were reported from both .

the 20 and here 434 patients reached their homes after recovery and 56 died. 5,297 cases came to light on Sunday,

the investigation is still going on here.


In Vishvavidhyalay Delhi,

other number of students

were found positive infection. It is being told

that these days students had come .

here from different states to complete their studies and.

here they are being caught

in the grip of Corona.

The students should be cured by helping them

and in some factories also

the workers have seen

the infection here,

in the office and in many other places

the number of mangoes and

the following

has become corona infected.

Used to watch news here and read

THE Bhopal news.


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