Celebrating colourful happy and safe Holi-This year March 18th

 Celebrating colourful happy and safe Holi-This year March 18th

Holi festival 2022

India is a cultural and religious country. Festivals in India are celebrated on the vocation like the Lord’s birthdays, traditional myths, seasonal changes, relationships, and much more. Festivals are celebrated irrespective of religion or caste in our country India. Make this year’s Holi celebrations more meaningful and responsible by celebrating with your family and friends with Eco-friendly Holi messages.

The colours have a beautiful charm and are loved by many. People welcome the day with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. And it has many negative effects on your skin and health-colourful happy and safe Holi

So, here are some easy tips to be safe and healthy Holi

To follow by everyone,

Use natural colours

Using synthetic or artificial colours may damage your skin and hair.  so, it is advised you choose Non-toxic, organic, natural, or herbal colours that are better as they don’t contain any chemicals for your skin.

Haircare and skincare before start playing


  1. Apply substantial amounts of oil to your hair so that the colour doesn’t stick. Give your head a massage for the oil to get absorbed.
  2. Tie your hair. Making a hair braid will ensure not all parts of the hair gets the colour treatment.
  3. You can also use to wear a scarf or a kerchief.
  4. Do not let the colour or coloured water sit on the scalp for long. Clean the colour the hair is wet.


  1. Like the hair, apply oil to your face and every exposed part of the body.
  2. Applying sunscreen is a must.
  3. Cut your nails short and apply a coat of polish to protect your nails from catching on the colour.
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.
  5. Insert a piece of cotton to prevent the colours from going deep inside the ears.
  6. Don’t be harsh or hard on the skin while removing and washing colours from your body.
  7. Use normal warm water to wash the face, followed by a mixture of sea salt, glycerine, and a few drops of aroma oil.

What not to do on Holicolourful happy safe Holi

  1. If you are facing any weakness or if you are having any signs of cold, stay away from playing Holi.
  2. Don’t let anyone harass you in the name of the Holi celebration.
  3. Do not let the water and colours sit on the body. Wash immediately after playing.
  4. Do not go with the play of Holi if you are sensitive to colours.
  5. Advice from using kerosene for scrubbing the colour off.
  6. Mud, stones, raw egg, or varnish are to be avoided

Holi Safety Tips for Kids-colorful happy safe Holi

  1. Stay With Your Child. While your child is busy enjoying Holi with his friends, make sure you stay with him or let someone in your family (an adult) look after your child. …
  2. Avoid Synthetic Colors. …
  3. Teach Your Child to Avoid Water Balloons. …
  4. Pay Attention to Clothing. …
  5. Encourage Goggles.

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