BTS Member Suga’s Emotional Farewell B before Joining The Military: Jin, J-Hope Send Love And Strength To Fans


BTS singer Suga had a special interaction with fans on the online fan community Weverse before starting his military service on September 22. During this session, he shared his plans and asked fans to wait for his return in 2025. In a casual appearance wearing a white t-shirt and checkered shirt, Suga surprised fans with his shorter hair, which is quite different from the usual buzzcuts military personnel have. He humorously mentioned that even the staff had trouble recognizing him

BTS singer Suga

BTS singer Suga had been keeping a low profile since finishing his August D tour in Seoul. He explained that he didn’t want to distract from fellow member Taehyung’s album release and had spent time with BTS members and family. Despite his upcoming 18-month absence, Suga assured fans that he had filmed plenty of content to keep the BTS Army entertained. He also mentioned that he couldn’t continue his popular drinking show, Suchwita, but had prepared content for fans to look forward to.

Suga recently wrapped up his August D Tour concerts and shared that he wishes he could have done more shows for his fans but has to fulfill his military responsibilities first. He concluded the live session by emotionally telling fans not to cry and promising to meet them again in 2025. Fellow BTS members J-Hope and Jin also sent their love and support to Suga. They commented on his live session, with Jin reassuring him to rest well and return safely


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