Best Student Friendly Cities: QS Rankings 2023

Discover the most welcoming and vibrant cities for students around the globe according to the QS Rankings 2023. Explore excellent educational opportunities, diverse cultures, and exciting experiences for students.

In the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom,a metropolis choosen by students for their academic journey can highly influence their overall experience. As per QS(Quacquarelli Symonds) Best Student Cities Rankings for 2023 have been unveiled. Offering invaluable insights into the most superlative student-friendly cities around the globe. This article showcases the top 5 cities from this list. Also exploring the factors that makes them remarkably conducive to students.

London, United Kingdom

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For the fourth consecutive year, London has retained its position as the most students friendly city for international students. This British capital have eighteen top-tier universities, including UCL, Imperial College London, and King’s College London.

Factors that makes London a Student friendly city

World-Class Universities:With two of the globe’s top ten universities listed, London provides students to unparalleled educational prospects.

Student View: London collects an awe-inspiring score of 98.5/100. Reflecting highly laudable feedback from students who have passed the city’s academic excellence.

Employer Activity: The city secures fourth position in the Employer Activity metric, prooving to an exceptional career avenues for graduates.

Student Mix: With an amazing score of 94.9. London ranks fifth for its welcoming gestures of international students, fostering an inclusive and diverse scholastic city.

Munich, Germany

Munich emerges as another thriving metropolis that invites students from every corner of the globe. Renowned for its splendid history, cultural heritage, and top-notch education, Munich provides a superlative academic atmosphere. The city’s reputed institutions and diverse community makes it a suitable Destination for international students.

Seoul, South Korea

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Tied with Munich, Seoul proudly talks abouts its world-renowned universities and a increasing international student population, Seoul presents an immersive and dynamic learning city for students. The city’s technological advancements, combined with its cultural treasures, cast entices academic pursuers from far and wide.

Zurich, Switzerland

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On the fourth position in the rankings, Zurich stands as an alluring valuable city, justly known for its academic excellence. The city have well known and reputed universities such as ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, the city shows the students their capabilities and respect through unparalleled education, an elevates standard of living.

Melbourne, Australia

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Consistently ranking high, Melbourne secures the fifth spot for its amazing lifestyle, diverse culture, and excellence in education. The have prestigious universities such as the University of Melbourne and Monash University, the city offers students an enhancing academic experience with a touch of social Growth.

Indian cities in the list

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Indian Cities in the QS Best Student Cities 2023Among Indian cities, Mumbai and Delhi have taken noteworthy strides towards becoming more student-friendly, both securing positions within the top 100. Mumbai’s well known and reputed universities such as University of Mumbai and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay had successfully secures theirs position in the list . Similarly, Delhi’s Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, presents a  fascinating enhancement of academic growth and cultural diversity, positioning itself as a suitable place for international students.


The QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2023 list the most superlative student-friendly cities across the globe, affording aspiring students invaluable guidance. London, Munich, and Seoul take the lead, building together academic eminence, cultural diversity, and professional opportunities. Meanwhile, Mumbai and Delhi showcase India’s ongoing journey towards greater allure for international students. As students contemplate their academic journey, these rankings provide an invaluable information for making correct decisions regarding their scholastic and academic journey.

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