Best homemade sunscreen for Summer

 Best homemade sunscreen for Summer

Here are some recipes with instructions and ingredients for homemade sunscreen options. Based on your skin type, every natural sunscreen recipe will have a different effect on your skin. Be sure to choose a homemade natural sunscreen that is best suited for your skin.

Aloe vera sunscreen

Aloevera sunscreen


50ml mineral water

One teaspoon aloe vera gel

Half a teaspoon sunflower oil

Three teaspoons zinc Oxide

For drops of vitamin E Oil

Instructions: Mix the ingredients well to make a lotion, then add the zinc oxide for SPF 15 and if your skin is normal to dry, add in the drops of vitamin E oil to moisten the mixture.

Coconut, sesame, and sunflower oils sunscreen

Coconut, sesame, and sunflower oils sunscreen


Two tablespoons coconut oil

One tablespoons sesame seed oil

Two tablespoons sunflower oil

Few drops of vitamin E oil

Instructions: Mix the ingredients in a bowl and heat the mixture in a pan filled with water. Keep heating the mix till coconut oil has fully melted and add in the drops of vitamin E oil. Add 15% of the total weight of this mixture to get SPF 15.

Turmeric sunscreen

Turmeric sunscreen


One cup aloe vera gel (extracted from leaves)

One tablespoon turmeric Powder

Instructions: Mix the cooling aloe vera and antiseptic turmeric with water and freeze the mixture. These ice cubes are your sunscreen, which you can rub on your skin before leaving the house.

Now, you know how to make sunscreens at home and are aware of the safety measures as well! So, what are you waiting for? Homemade sunscreens are made with all natural ingredients, in proportions that are specific to your skin type. They add an extra layer of protection on your skin. All you need is a cooling summer sunscreen, made by you, for you!

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