Megha Gadad

I am a professional content writer. studied diploma in electronics and communication.

Wildlife conservation in India

“Only when the last of the animal’s horns, tusks, skin, and bones have been sold, will mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife.”~ Paul Oxton Living beings are interdependent for their survival. This means we should always stand to support our fellow beings for their existence. But are we really doing it? […]Read More

Forests- the importance of forests

Forests provide the house for several living beings. Thus, it’s one of the valuable resources provided naturally to the citizenry. Also, the organisms that sleep in Forests are independent of every other. Life in Forrest is traveled by various factors like air, water, and sunlight. Also, there is a spread of plants that are available […]Read More

Machine Vs Man a creation of human beings

Human beings and machines work differently as machines are the creation of humans. Machines were created to form human life easier. A machine is merely a motorized gadget consisting of various parts. When it involves AI vs the human brain then there are some people that believe AI is more efficient than the human brain. […]Read More

Time management tips for students

More students than ever before are turning to online learning to further their education. In fact, studies indicate that roughly one-third of all students are now taking at least one online course. Given the benefits of online learning like added flexibility, broader perspectives, and improved collaboration, it’s easy to see why so many students are drawn to virtual classes. […]Read More

6 tips and tricks to work from home

A vast majority of organizations around the world began working from home the same day the WHO officially declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. While most of the HR superstars across organizations were busy getting us up to speed on basic hygiene and precautions to take, we saw many businesses considering various options to streamline the […]Read More

Everything about self-realization

Our modern life is devoid of happiness and peace because there are too many things to be done and many unwanted desires to be met. Self-realization is an ideal way to reconnect with oneself. It is a process of soul nurturance when you do not think of yourself as a physical body, but an embodiment of joyous […]Read More

11 Tips for Being an in controlled Pet Owner

February is the “Responsible Pet Owner” month, and that got us thinking: how do we view responsible pet ownership? While there isn’t an exact definition for it the America Kennel Club gives each of us a great starting point for how we view pet ownership: “Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it’s a responsibility.” Whether you […]Read More

Plastic – A boon or a bane?

Boon because: Plastic has replaced metals and glass as the primary material used.They provide good insulation for the wiring and are durable in extreme weather conditions.They provide us a good non-reactive medium as water pipes.They are lightweight and colorful.Safe for children when they are food-grade plastics. Ordinary plastics cause health hazards to humans when eaten […]Read More

Being Good student qualities

Being a good student doesn’t just mean achieving high scores on tests. It means having: a love of learning, a passion for knowledge a hunger to develop and grow academically. So, what are the traits and habits that shape a good student? The following is not an exhaustive list; however, it is a very good […]Read More