Amit Shah’s jab at “friendly parties” comes as Congress asserts that “our” women’s reservation bill.

 Amit Shah’s jab at “friendly parties” comes as Congress asserts that “our” women’s reservation bill.

The Bharatiya Janata Party criticized by the Congress for “delays” in tabling the historic women’s reservation bill, which introduced by the Union Law Minister in Parliament today. Union Home Minister Amit Shah slammed into the Congress (he did not name the party). The BJP accused by the Congress of delaying the law in order to improve its image before the election the following year.

Amit Shah on Congress

Mr. Shah applauded the “unwavering commitment of the Modi government” and made fun of the Congress for their “friendly parties (that prevented)” the law from introduced. In 2010, when Manmohan Singh served as prime minister, the bill passed the Rajya Sabha without opposition, but it failed to pass the Lok Sabha. Both were and still are Congress’s buddies.

“People are celebrating the introduction of the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’ in Parliament all around India. It demonstrates the Modi administration’s consistent commitment to empowering women. The opposition, however, is unable to comprehend this, the union minister said on X (formerly Twitter).

Additionally, he criticized the Congress for their “tokenism” in regards to this matter. “What is more humiliating is that Congress has never taken women’s reservations seriously. Either they allowed laws to expire or supportive parties stopped the bill from introduced. Whatever tricks they try to pull, their double standards will always exposed, he added.

Congress asserts that “Our” Bill

The Congress’s assaults this morning put in motion when Sonia Gandhi, the ex-boss, told reporters, “It (the bill) is ours… apna hai.” Since then, a number of Congress’s leaders made an effort to emphasize that the measure first introduced in Parliament 13 years ago by the party-led United Progressive Alliance administration.

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