Aliens! “somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.”

 Aliens! “somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.”

One big universe, it’s vast and complicated.

Universe always been a source of fascinating and mystery.

Do aliens exist?

Earth is around 4 billion years old. The big bang happened 13 billion years old. There are a lot of planets that are habitable as well in theory.

Is there life beyond earth?

People also believed a radio story that said Martians had landed on earth. The Martians had big heads and a small body. They came in space ships. They were not friendly once they landed, they spread out and attacked people in towns and villages. However, this is imaginary. But there are billions of stars beyond our solar system. There are planets going around some of these stars, just as the earth goes around the sun. plants and animals may live on some of them. We don’t know for sure because we can’t see the planets very well. If creatures do live in far-off worlds, they may look quite different from the plant’s animals on earth.

They may have tiny bodies and big heads like the martins. They may have heavy legs with small arms and hands. Perhaps they walk around on all fours. Or they may look quite different from anything we can imagine.

Aliens are not far away from us; aliens are not just an inflexible definition for extra earth livings but becoming a fact clearly step by step. For decades before, human insight was cannot penetrate the mastery cloudy to get a well know about outside of our planet. The rapid development of science and technology create the chance for a human to move our step a little bit forward through the vast cosmic.

One of the most famous scientists who firmly believe the existence of aliens Stephen Hawking announced.

The universe is more complex and infinite as to think that the human race is the only one that inhabits it.

Who knows?

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