Accident of Saint Kanak Bihari Raghuvanshi Samaj Guru Ji: death.

 Accident of Saint Kanak Bihari Raghuvanshi Samaj Guru Ji: death.

Accident of Saint Kanak Bihari Raghuvanshi Samaj Guru Ji: death.

Accident of Saint Kanak Bihari Raghuvanshi samaj Guru ji : death
Saint Kanak Bihari Guru ji here is respected and given the status of Guru ji by the Guru of Raghuvanshi Samaj and other society and here is a saint and he is considered towards worship and culture by Raghuvanshi Samaj and here he died in a car accident The accident happened here on Monday, let’s know when and how Sant Kanak Bihari ji died, what was his secret, what will happen now after knowing the sad news for Raghuvanshi community.

Shivraj Singh tweeted Shraddha, Anjali and Mohan

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj said in a tweet that here Saint Kanak Bihari ji has passed away and there was a very big saint, he was worshiped with devotion and respectful respect and was a good teacher and he spent his life as a teacher and God. By worshiping Shiva, he used to symbolize happiness and peace in his life. May the soul of Saint Kanak Bihari Shivraj Singh Chouhan come to the feet of God for salvation and may the soul rest in peace here.

Death in accident : Saint Kanak Bihari Maharaj

It is being told that there was a car accident on Sagar to Narsingpur Marg 44 and Saint Kanak Bihari Maharaj along with his driver Rooplal was seriously injured. For that he climbed his vehicle on the divider and his SUV overturned and he died instant
Saint Kanak Bihari ji has been brought for post-mortem to District Chhindwara Hospital and here his last rites will be held on Tuesday and the antim rites of Saint ji will be performed here at Moksh dham in Chhindwara.

Left home at the age of 11.

Saint Kanak Bihari Maharaj ji

had left his home at the age of 1

1 years after his devotion and devotion and love and

worship towards God and Goddess,

and while traveling his command and life on

the feet and hymns of God. Saint ji’s

nephew who reached here told

that he used to engage in devotional worship here.

And he had said that on behalf of.

the Raghuvanshi Samaj in the Ram temple in Ayodhya
Had asked to give 111 crore rupees in 2021,

also gave a check of 1 crore 11 lakh to the chairman of Shri Ram Mandir Trust and

he was going to perform 9009 Kundiya Yajna in 2024 for Ram Mandir:

Sant Kanak Bihari Maharaj but sad news of his departure

Here it is fatal. Together, the community will fulfill the dreams of the saint.


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