A river seems a magic thing

 A river seems a magic thing

The rivers are beautiful and wise. A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure. A river seems a magic thing. Magic, living parts of the very earth itself.

here in the lines of story there is a voice of river. everyone can listen talking water!

when the river flows there is a flowing adventure.

Hello! iam river, daughter of the mountains. i am friend of all. people drink water, farmers uses my water for agriculture. my water is a source of electricity. I am the owner to makes the places as fertile and eco-friendly for the animal. actually i begins in the mountain, underground spring or the hills when melted snow and rain water gets collected. without me you cannot imagine social life on the planet. i am combination of several streams. my journey continues into unknown lands.

The water that I bring down here from the mountains is made good use of the people make feel very important since they feel I am sacred, holy, and a source of life.

As I move, I collect a lot of soil, rocks, and debris and become heavy. thus I lose speed and slowly trudge along the plains. The soil that I carry along with me is very fertile and extremely good for agriculture. Sometimes during my course the mountains and plains es[pecially in the monsoon seasons I carry overwhelming volumes of water that causes flood, causes a good amount of damage of the civilization.

In this manner i continue moving along with no end until meet the sea. In the lower course of the river, i play the role of creator and destroyer. Several homes and houses have been washed away by me during the flood. My goal is to continue flowing till i met the sea.

This is the last place of my journey. I am unable to retain my purity on account of human activity. thus my journey is actually never coming to an end. I continue to flow eternally with an aim to be a service to mankind for generations to come.

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Megha Gadad


A writer begins a book, but a reader finishes it. Professional content writer. Fired by my passion, Started a career in 2020 Growing with blessings and all your support Proud to say pen is my property, sure I will feed you your favourite ink. My pen is my patience until now, when I will discover a second being inside me.

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