A day In the life of a real savage!

 A day In the life of a real savage!

Primeval Caveman Wearing Animal Skin Holds Stone Tipped Spear Looks Around, Explores Prehistoric Forest in a Hunt for Animal Prey. Neanderthal Going Hunting in the Jungle

A day in the life of a savage
Once, 5000 years ago, a savage lived in a rainforest. In a cave located in the middle of the forest. At that time, the man was not civilized. He even doesn’t know anything about what is happening in his surroundings. If a thunderstorm comes, the savage fears it and tries to go inside the cave, where he used to eat raw vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. They have a poniard knife as a weapon. He generates fire by rubbing two stones, and he becomes happier when a fire spark is created. They even don’t know any languages to communicate. They just squeak by shouting. Savages start their day with a sunrise, and they will not come out of the cave when there are night and frightening sounds. They get to wonder when they see stars, and they regain heat from the fire in the night because of the low coolant temperature. Like this, the day of Savage ends. Savage starts the next day with an everyday sunrise without an alarm clock!

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