8 habits to rally mental health in your workplace

 8 habits to rally mental health in your workplace

How you can help your staff

Luckily, there are several ways you can support your employee’s mental well-being.

Here are some examples to maintain mental health in the workplace

Speak candidly about mental health

The first step to beating the stigma is to stop treating mental illness as distasteful. speaking about it willingly and without shame will help others realize they aren’t alone.

Keep the conversation going. 

Workplace culture must be cherished, which means you can’t just mention mental health once and expect it to catch on. Discovery of numerous opportunities to incorporate the subject into your employees’ day so it stays top-of-mind.

Include all levels of staff. 

 Your employees won’t have faith that you genuinely care about their well-being unless every manager and executive also demonstrates the importance of mental health.

Inspire employees to take mental health days off. 

If you still need your employees to provide a doctor’s note or otherwise “valid” reason for missing work, it might be time to stop. Part of anticipatory health involves giving your mind and body a break every now and then and allowing your staff to miss work in order to recharge can help them slat off more serious health issues down the road.

Pay attention and be ready to help. 

If you do notice a worker acting differently (ex: irritability or low mood), don’t hesitate to ask them if everything is alright. Even if they say you, they’re fine, repeat to them that you’re there to help and that they have access to assistive resources.

Make certain the tools and resources are relevant. 

No matter how much info you supply your employees, it’ll never do any good if it’s outdated or irrelevant. In fact, it might even do harm. Frequently review your mental health resources to make sure they’re accurate, up-to-date, and contain practical advice that your employees can use to get better.

Facilitate access to these resources. 

Close to the previous point, your staff won’t get much use out of the information if it’s difficult for them to find. Remove blocks to access by providing the content in a variety of formats (audio, video, written, etc), and minimizing the number of steps it takes for them to find it

Plan a mentally healthy work space. 

It is significant for your employees to feel energized and uplifted by their work environment. The study has shown productivity, engagement, and overall wellness increase when people feel comfortable in workspaces with natural lighting, plants, and other positive features.

How can you support mental health at work?

  1. Talk about your feeling to a co-worker
  2. Prioritize your work
  3. Take breaks
  4. Set your boundaries
  5. Laugh your heart out
  6. Keep in touch with your social circle
  7. Exercise daily
  8. Do not skimp on sleep
  9. Eat healthy diet
  10. Accept yourself
  11. Care for others
  12. Ask for help


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