500 rupees gas cylinder will be in Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath

 500 rupees gas cylinder will be in Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath

500 rupees gas cylinder will be in Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath

500 rupees gas cylinder will be in Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath
The former Kam of Madhya Pradesh said that in view of the inflation, the BJP government is increasing the inflation, however, when the Congress government was in power a few years ago,


gas used to be available within 300 to 400 rupees and since the BJP government has come here,

every building and Inflation is going on like gas, petrol, edible oil,
Kamal Nath said that give us a chance here,

we will bring cheap and good days like roti, kapda makan,

this is my promise to the people of the middle class and I will take the middle class to that height where Madhya Pradesh will be cheap,

beautiful and accessible to the people.

Happiness should be visible and here in Madhya Pradesh it will be filled with happiness.

Ever since the BJP government has come,

it has become a source of inflation, but they give good introductions and promises to the people,

but do not fulfill their promises here.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh always criticizes the Congress party, but we do not pay heed to anyone’s words. In the beginning,

the BJP party has tried to undermine the Congress and have conspired to bring it down,

but nothing has happened here because the people of Madhya Pradesh know the Congress. What has Kamal Nath done,

that’s why even today the name of Kamal Nath is known.


Ladli bahna yojna has been launched women has been told to provide RS. 1000 a month , but there is a mutual enmity

here they give a sense of greed towards the upcoming elections, but why are you not giving Rs 1000 to men and women only.

Kamalnath ji said that if our government comes to power in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 1500 will come in every person’s account.


Kamalnath ji has promised here that 1500 rupees will be given to Ladli Bahna Yojana.
Kamal Nath said here our government does not speak,

it only shows by doing, if you don’t believe then see the record of our previous government.

The differences between the Congress and the BJP government continued, but now the elections will tell whose turn it is.

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