5 Outfits To Go On A Casual Date

 5 Outfits To Go On A Casual Date

Let’s be real, 99% of the time, first dates are awkward as hell – especially when all you’ve got to talk about is one blurry profile pic and the Bumble profile they barely took the time to fill out. Give yourself the boost of confidence you need for the first meet-up with a majorly hot outfit that will make you feel like a super babe.

Even if your date doesn’t make it past the first night out, these outfits are cute enough to work into your spring rotation. Date or no date, you’ll be serving looks that could kill. To make your getting ready process a little bit easier, read up on the best date outfits that will leave your (maybe) future bae speechless.

Leopard Printed Jeans – Show your date that you’re ready for a fun evening with this fierce ‘fit. Leopard print is basically a neutral, so pair it with a glitzy gold top and cute booties.

Crop Tee and Thigh High Boots – You don’t have to go all girly, just because you’re going on a date. Channel your inner bombshell in a sexy leather mini and thigh high boots.

Cardigan and Jeans – Got a first date on the books? Show off your personality with a vintage-y scarf and cardigan. It’s perfect for a casual lunch date.

Pink Suit – A tailored pink suit that makes you feel like a total (hot) boss.

Oversized Tee & Blazer – If you’re trying to show some skin, but still keep it casual, this is the look, sis. A blazer and tee is an unexpected date night look. Accessorize with hoops and tall boots so it feels like a full outfit.

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