10 Percent Permission in Government and Private Sector – Bhopal

 10 Percent Permission in Government and Private Sector – Bhopal

Due to increasing cases in COVID-19 the state government has ordered the presence of only 10 percent employees in both the government and private sector . only some important sectors will have permission to engage all the workers . Except that all the co-operate sectors has to envolve only 10 percent employees till 30 April . Due to the current situation each and every single day is very crucial . MP government is releasing new guidelines every day . This guideline responsibility has been given to the Collector of MP State . Collector, Police, Health Workers, Fire workers, Water Supply, Political Workers, Municipal cooperation, Transport modes have been declared as the important tasks .

Except this, the marriages should be held in very limited amount of peoples otherwise strict actions will be taken by government . The team of Baba Ramdev and Shree Shree Ravishankar will give their important participation in this pandemic . The vegetables are also ordered to shut down, instead of these big markets small small vegetables shop are allowed to sell vegetables so that huge amount of peoples will not collect on a single place .

Central government has said that the coming three weeks are very crucial for us . Important meetings are held with Collectors and police employees . Sachin Ajay Kumar and Sachiv Rajesh Bhushan has analyzed the current scenario very deeply . The member of this committee Dr. VK Pal has said the coming three weeks are very crucial for controlling the spreading of virus . He has given the three weeks guidelines . He said there is a 10 times increment in the cases of COVID-19 in India in comparison to January . We have to protect our self from this situation very sincerely everyone has to be very careful in the coming days . Eat a lot of protein rich diet, Take a vitamin c supplement daily, whenever you feel cold or cough take a steam and hot water three times a day . Eat lot of washed fresh vegetables and eggs .Whenever you feel breathing difficulty Do breathing exercise on the regularly basis . The most important key to fight against COVID-19 is to maintain hygiene and have a positive mindset without getting panic .

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